Plasmatic #1: Destiny is a Funny Thing


Stanley Stickler, an out of work actor, suddenly finds himself with the super powers of an obscure comic book hero from the 1970”s: Plasmatic!

The strange thing is, Stanley’s life begins to play out exactly like the comic book, with campy super villains showing up at every turn. Will Stanley shrink back in fear, or will he rise to the occasion, and become the hero he was meant to be?

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Plasmatic is a comedic, sci-fi, superhero story, with a slowly unfolding mystery throughout the series. What is the connection between Stanley's real life, and the fictional comic book character that he portrays?

Plasmatic #2: Another Piece of the Puzzle


Plasmatic meets Hydronika: Mistress of the Sea, while Wendell competes with Puzzle-Face to track down the missing issues of the original Plasmatic comic book. Can destiny be thwarted, or will Hydronika go to the dark side?

Currently available on Indyplanet

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